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About TABD

The Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) is the executive council of the Trans-Atlantic Business Council. The TABD program is the highest forum within the TABC and brings together chief executive officers and C-Suite executives from leading American and European companies operating in the U.S., Europe, and globally who advocate for a barrier-free transatlantic market that will contribute to growth, employment, innovation and sustainability in the global economy. “Dialogue” is part of TABD because it is a key aspect of how TABD operates – bringing together business and government at the highest levels to allow candid exchange of views and discussion on the opportunities to further integrate the world’s largest trading bloc. TABD is the only CEO-driven business organization solely dedicated to advancing the U.S.-EU economic agenda. TABD provides its member executives high-level access to U.S. Cabinet Secretaries and European Commissioners. It has traditionally provided a set of policy recommendations important to business ahead of each U.S.-EU Summit; and on occasion, presented these to the U.S.-EU Leaders at the Summit itself.

What We Do

TABD has built a reputation with government leaders since its founding in providing unfiltered business advice from CEOs, with the objective to work with policymakers in thinking through how best to sustain the dynamism and global impact of the transatlantic economy. The issues are cross-cutting. This recognition and unique platform is valued by TABD and all of those who have had a role in helping shape the structure of a leading, robust and open transatlantic “Dialogue.”

TABD believes a barrier-free transatlantic market will serve as a catalyst for global trade and investment liberalization and help stimulate innovation, job creation, and economic growth. TABD advocates these positions based on issue-specific policy recommendations developed both by themselves – as CEOs – depending on the policy areas their companies are confronting in the U.S.-EU economy as well as by the TABC working groups and TABC Executive Board. Indeed, the work of the TABD and TABC are aligned in policy priorities – the delivery and messenger is where TABD presents an additional channel to engage and influence.

TABD History

The Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) was established by the US government and European Union in 1995 as the official business sector advisory group for EU and US officials on trade and investment issues. The purpose of the TABD was to foster an ongoing dialogue between business and government at the highest levels. It had become clear to both governments that international business maintains a unique and indispensable perspective on trade liberalization, and that it was necessary to create an official forum that allowed these transatlantic businesses to come together in a single setting where they would be able to address their mutual concerns.

The first TABD conference was held in Seville, Spain in 1995 and concluded in the creation of working groups on standards and regulatory issues, trade liberalization, investment, and third country relations. As it was the first time that the private sector held an official role in determining EU/US public policy, the Seville conference signified a milestone in transatlantic trade relations. US Secretary for Commerce Ronald Brown convened the conference along with European Commission Vice President Sir Leon Brittan and Commissioner Dr. Martin Bangeman, and it was met with enthusiasm across the transatlantic business community. Throughout the years, the TABD continually provided input on a number of trade issues, including financial services, raw materials/recycling, and eMobility. Since 2007, the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC), which is the primary plenary for economic dialogue between the US and EU, has served as an additional platform for the TABD to exercise its advisory role.