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About Us

TABC Mission Statement

The organization’s mission is to (1) promote a barrier-free transatlantic market that contributes to economic growth, innovation, and security; (2) foster discussion and the exchange of ideas among business and government leaders; and (3) serve as platform for EU and US companies to jointly address trade and investment barriers in third countries.

About the TABC

The TABC is a cross-sectoral business association representing global companies headquartered in the U.S. and EU. We work with companies across multiple sectors and policy levels, including the strategic level with theTransAtlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), a program which brings together C-suite executives and high level government officials.  TABC stands out as the only officially recognized transatlantic voice of business on trade and investment issues.

TABC History

On January 1, 2013, Trans-Atlantic Business Council (TABC) was created as the result of a merger between TransAtlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) and European-American Business Council (EABC).

The TABD was convened in 1995 by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission to serve as the official dialogue between American and European business leaders and U.S. cabinet secretaries and EU commissioners. Membership was comprised of chief executive officers or chairmen of American and European companies operating in the United States, Europe and globally.

The EABC was chartered in 1989 as the European Community Chamber of Commerce in the United States.  In 1990 the EABC went public in New York and Washington as an independent business association wholly funded by its member companies.  Seven years later, the ECCC was renamed the European-American Business Council.  Founding Co-Chairs were Gerrit Jeelof, Chairman, Philips North America and John Bryan, Chairman, Sara Lee. Founding member companies were Akzo Nobel, BASF, Bowater, BP, Enimont, Fragomen Del Ray, IBM, ICI, ING, Lazard Freres, Philips, PwC, Sara Lee, Siegel & Gale and Xerox.