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The TABC has been monitoring closely the BREXIT developments, its negotiations, and the positions of authorities and stakeholders around it. The TABC is an active participant in the so called Informal Network on Brexit, where several trade associations and entities coordinate their intelligence efforts in support of their members.

In particular, the TABC team:

  • Follows the procedures, negotiating positions, and timelines for the UK’s extraction from, and future arrangement with, the EU.
  • Follows real-time developments related to Brexit, such as personnel assignments to the negotiating teams, changes in personnel and procedures in the EU Institutions.
  • Focuses on changes in relations from the trade perspective including UK’s involvement from the EU FTA’s, WTO, UK-US trade arrangement, positions of the other Member States on UK’s role.
  • Prepares comments to share with EU, UK and US officials on issues impacting member companies.
  • Circulates selected documents, studies, and press reports to the members in order to keep them abreast of ongoing developments.
  • Organizes events and meetings with relevant government officials and experts related to the multi-faceted Brexit challenge.

BREXIT relevant documents

I. Official documents:

A) European Union

B) United Kingdom

C) Joint documents

II. Reports and analysis