Transatlantic Economy Study 2016 Released

The annual Transatlantic Economy study published by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University has been published and is available for viewing here.  TABC sponsors the publication, along with AmCham EU.

The study reports that, “the transatlantic economy generates $5.5 trillion in total commercial sales a year and employs up to 15 million workers in ‘onshored’ jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.”  Also especially notable in the study is the information on the transatlantic digital economy, a quickly-growing sector.  For example, the study cites that, “cross-border data flows between the U.S. and Europe, at about 15 terabits per second, are the highest in the world – 50% higher than U.S./Asia data flows in absolute terms and 400% higher on a per capita basis.”

TABC will hold a launch of the study that will be open to the public on Capitol Hill this spring.  Please check the Upcoming Events page for details.