Trans-Atlantic Business Council Director Speaks at European Liberal Forum (ELF) Panel on EU-U.S. Trade and Tech Relations

EU TABC Director Giovanni Campi was honored to speak at the European Liberal Forum’s panel on “EU-U.S. Relations: What’s Next in Trade and Tech?” The discussion engaged experts on a number of interconnected trade topics, including the development of the new EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC), building out the regulatory relationship between the two parties, and finding common approaches to boost innovation and promote free markets. Mr. Campi’s fellow panelists included Member of the European Parliament Liesje Schreinemacher and Alejandro Cainzos, member of cabinet to the European Commission Executive Vice-President Vestager. Mr. Campi described the need for industry involvement in the development of the TTC as critical to the new council’s success: “I don’t remember other recent developments where the industry has been so united in supporting the original EU proposal for the TTC.” He closed with a note of optimism, sharing his faith that the Biden administration’s openness to partnership with the EU presents a significant opportunity for renewed positive relations between American and European actors.

A recording of the panel discussion hosted by the European Liberal Forum can be viewed here.