TABC Co-signs Letter Outlining Concerns Over Chinese Cybersecurity Regulations

TABC co-signed a letter sent to the Chinese Communist Party Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on 11 November 2016. This letter is a follow up to a previous letter TABC co-signed letter from August 2016 to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang expressing concern with the direction of China’s cybersecurity policies, which by creating unique review regimes for foreign companies and administrative barriers to data flows threaten the ability of international firms from any sector to operate competitively in the China market. Following the letter, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a reply in which they stated there was no reason for concern. We understand that China’s draft Cybersecurity Law will be passed into Law before the end of the year, and its current form has not addressed any of our substantive concerns. In addition, a series of other sectoral regulations in the finance sector, cloud computing, online publishing, and other sectors have been issued containing data localization mandates, investment restrictions, and broadly scoped security reviews. This letter reiterates previously expressed concerns and outlines the efforts made over the past two years to raise concerns in accordance with China’s rule drafting procedures.


Follow-up Letter on PRCG Cybersecurity Regulations – English
Follow-up Letter on PRCG Cybersecurity Regulations – Chinese