Overview of TABC’s recent online activities

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the TABC mostly resorted to online activities, which included several calls, updates, and discussions, mostly focused on EU-U.S. trade, Brexit issues, and the U.S. election. A full list of our online activities between March and October 2020 is included below:

9 March Brexit call with Piers Coleman (K&L Gates) and Sebastian Remøy (Kreab)
19 March Call with Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Deputies
31 March Call with Erland Herfindahl, new trade representative at the U.S. Mission in Brussels
29 April Brexit call with Piers Coleman (K&L Gates) and Sebastian Remøy (Kreab)
30 April Call with Ambassador Dennis Shea, USTR, U.S. Representative to the WTO
5 May Call with Cristina Rueda-Catry, Member of Cabinet of former EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan
20 May Brexit call with Stefaan De Rynck (European Commission’s UK Task Force)
14 September Webex Meeting with João Vale de Almeida, EU Ambassador to the UK
14 October Update on U.S. elections with former Members of the House of Representatives Bart Gordon and Jeff Denham
22 October Discussion on the impact of the Good Friday Agreement on the UK and U.S. trade deal negotiations