New Policy Briefs on ICT Policy and Regulations, Cybersecurity, and Funding Mechanisms released by Discovery, a project fostering collaborative ICT research and innovation between Europe and North America.

DISCOVERY input papers provide insights and recommendations to facilitate transatlantic ICT cooperation in three thematic areas: ICT Policy and Regulations, Funding Mechanisms and Cybersecurity. ICT stakeholders, policy makers and thought leaders can find useful information to build and strengthen transatlantic partnerships and contribute to enhance evolving dialogues in ICT between Europe and North America. You can also find hypothetical case studies of each domain, which provide real senses of how the recommendations can be applied in transatlantic ICT collaboration in research and innovation in concrete manners.
The essentials from those papers have been “curated” and re-bundled into Policy Briefs that serve as a complementary communication materials. The focuses of the three are listed below:
• ICT Policy and Regulations Policy Brief summarizes the key policies that impact the development and use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the EU, US and Canada, including intellectual property rights, data protection rules, the regulatory environment, and support for digital innovation.
• Funding Mechanisms Policy Brief features current collaborative R&I funding approaches, a comparative analysis of key features for bilateral/Trilateral funding Mechanisms, and an international collaboration identification and initiation guidance checklist.
• Cybersecurity Policy Brief highlights key focus areas and ‘Hot Topical’ prioritized issues of concerns in the EU, US and Canada with a view to scoping topics of bi-lateral and/or tri-lateral cooperation between the countries.
The Input Papers and Policy Briefs are based on the contributions of the DISCOVERY consortium, the Transatlantic ICT Forum and its Working Group members.
You can download both documents from this webpage. Enjoy!