Picking up the Pieces: Briefing on the Results of the UK General Election

Trans-Atlantic Business Council invites its members to a post-election briefing with two leading UK political analysts with years of experience at the coal-face of British politics. Lord James Bethell and former UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith are principals in London-based Westbourne Communications (biographies attached).  The briefing will analyze the pressure points on the new government and explore the far reaching implications of the election results in key policy areas such as security and defense, foreign policy and global trade policy.  The speakers will highlight the anticipated key players in the life of the next Parliament and address their potential influence on the legislative agenda of the new Government. Certainly for the coming few years these election results will inform a heated debate over the fate of the new UK government, the UK’s role in the European Union and the on-going question of UK’s EU membership. The results will in no small measure have implications for the UK’s role in global politics.

The briefing is open only to TABC members.  For additional information, contact Ms. Hilary Sama: hsama@transatlanticbusiness.org.