Meeting on Trade Policy Strategy with Denis Redonnet, DG Trade

TABC members met with Denis Redonnet, Head of Unit – Trade Strategy, DG Trade, to discuss Commissioner Malmstrom’s forthcoming trade policy strategy.

The European Commission aims to release an updated strategy for the European Union’s trade and investment policy in the autumn.  In the run-up to its publication, stakeholders’ input is requested in a number of public meetings in Brussels and across EU member states.  From the initial meeting with Jean-Luc Demarty, Director General, DG Trade, the revised strategy seems to be an evolution of existing policies rather than taking a revolutionary approach.  A notable shift emphasized by DG Demarty is a stronger focus on sustainable development as well as a re-calibration of key priorities.  More information can be found on the DG Trade website.

In the discussion with Denis Redonnet TABC members received more information on key objectives of the new strategy as well as updates on the timeline and opportunities for stakeholders to provide input.