Sen. Murphy Speaks at Launch of the Transatlantic Economy Study 2014


The second of two events to launch this year’s edition of the annual Transatlantic Economy Study, this event featured keynote speaker Senator Chris Murphy of CT (Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Joint Economic Committee).  Additional speakers were transatlantic policy experts who discussed the study in the context of the TTIP negotiations, and commented on how the data can be used to educate the public about the benefits of the trade agreement.

murphy close

Sen. Murphy speaks to the audience

dan presents graphs

Dr. Hamilton presents the study’s findings

biz panel

L to R: Hans Stråberg, Eric Loeb, David Gruner


Matti Antonnen, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs from Finnish MFA

murphy speaks to room

The audience listens to Sen. Murphy’s remarks

happy panel

TABC’s Tim Bennett introduces the panel