Briefing on TTIP with a Delegation of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

TABC welcomed a delegation of three members from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) who were visiting Washington to conduct a fact-finding visit in order to draft an own-initiative opinion on TTIP.

The EESC is an advisory body of the European Union which represents Europe’s organised civil society. The opinion of the EESC on TTIP negotiations aims to present the views of the European civil society to the European institutions and to the EU negotiators. Its added value resides in the fact that it is a consensus reached between the divergent views of the EU employers, trade unions and other civil society stakeholders.

The delegation was interested in hearing from U.S. industry on:

•             the position of US’s industry on the TTIP
•             expected costs and benefits of the TTIP
•             benefits and limits of regulatory approximation, mutual recognition and regulatory cooperation
•             how to ensure effective liberalisation of services and investment and identify the existing limits
•             the possibility of effectively engaging Member States and US Federal States in public procurement commitments
•             how to reconcile different EU and US approaches on sustainable development in preferential trade agreements
•             transparency and involvement of civil society in the negotiation process; public outreach