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Brexit Working Group

Formed in July 2016

Working Group Priorities:

  • Follows the procedures, negotiating positions, and timelines for the UK’s extraction from, and future arrangement with, the EU.
  • Follows real-time developments related to Brexit, such as personnel assignments to the negotiating teams, changes in personnel and procedures in the EU Institutions.
  • Focuses on changes in relations from the trade perspective including UK’s involvement from the EU FTA’s, WTO, UK-US trade arrangement, positions of the other Member States on UK’s role.
  • Prepares comments to share with EU,UK and US officials on issues impacting member companies.
  • Circulates selected documents, studies, and press reports to the members in order to keep them abreast of ongoing developments.
  • Organizes events and meetings with relevant government officials and experts related to the multi-faceted Brexit challenge.

Papers and Submissions

Reports and Resources:

TABC is providing links to selected reports and resources relating to Brexit. These materials provide an in-depth look into the various facets of Brexit, particularly in regards to its impact on transatlantic trade.