The Trans-Atlantic Business Council is a cross-sectoral business association representing more than 70 global companies and more than 5.6 million employees. We work with companies across multiple sectors and policy levels, including the strategic level with the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), a program which brings together C-suite executives and high level government officials.  We stand out as the only transatlantic business organization uniquely placed to provide one voice for EU and U.S. companies in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). 

TABC Recommendations for TTIP

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TABC has submitted several substantive recommendations across various sectors to the EU & U.S. governments regarding the trade agreement. View all of our submissions.

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July 10, 2014

10th Annual Ambassadors Dinner

On July 10, 2014, TABC presented a special evening in Washington celebrating transatlantic leadership in the midst of negotiating a major EU-U.S. trade and investment agreement.  The dinner was hosted by H.E. Claudio Bisogniero, the Ambassador of Italy to the United States, as we recognize Italy’s Presidency of the EU during the second half of 2014.  The event was attended by U.S. congressmen, European Ambassadors, TABC executives, association leaders and U.S. and EU government officials.

July 4, 2014

TABC Response to EU Consultation Regarding ISDS 

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a crucial element of the transatlantic economy. The EU and US are each other’s primary source of FDI. The investment chapter in the TTIP is hence a defining factor for its success, not only in establishing a ‘gold standard’ for other bilateral agreements but to raise the bar for strong investment protection generally. Earlier this year the European Commission launched a public consultation requesting input from stakeholders on provisions for investment protection. TABC supports the inclusion of a robust investment protection chapter including investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) in the TTIP. The negotiations are an opportunity to review, improve and clarify rules established in current bilateral investment treaties which are already in place.

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June 26, 2014

Register For TTIP Stakeholders Meeting

On Wednesday, 16 July 2014, during the sixth round of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, taking place in Brussels from 14-18 July 2014, the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission will organize two stakeholder engagement events.  Learn more details and register at the link below.


June 12, 2014

U.S. Department of Commerce Briefs TABC on the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor Framework

Department of Commerce officials briefed our members on progress made since the EU Commission announced the review in November 2013.  The briefing was followed by questions from our members and open discussion.  The meeting was held in person in Washington, with TABC Brussels-based members on conference call.  

June 9, 2014

TABC Co-Signs Letter to U.S. Senator on Bilateral Income Tax Treaties and Protocols 

The Trans-Atlantic Business Council along with 12 other associations sent a letter today to Senator Robert Menendez asking for U.S. Senate support of bilateral income tax treaties and protocols currently pending before the Senate and also asking for expeditious action on them by the United States Senate.   These treaties and protocols are important to U.S. economic growth and U.S. trade and tax policy.  

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June 5, 2014

TABC Members Briefed on European Parliament Elections

Antoine Ripoll Addresses TABC Members

Antoine Ripoll Addresses TABC Members

Antoine Ripoll, Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington, DC briefed TABC members on a number of issues related to the European elections and addressed the below questions in a short presentation:

What will the new European Parliament look like?  How are its main political caucuses organised, and what are the party ratios between extremes/mainstream? What will change in the EU decision-making process, and what appears to be stable? What is on the agenda of the only EU Institution that directly represents the European taxpayers?  Finally, how will the new European Parliament work on the TTIP and data flows, surveillance and energy?

May 30, 2104

TABC Releases Official Position on Cross Border Data Flows

The EU and the US are leading the transition into the digital economy and information society with trade in goods and services being ever more accomplished or supported digitally.  TABC supports the development of horizontal and binding commitments on specific principles related to the free flow of data.

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May 26, 2014

TABC Announces New Head of Brussels Office

The Trans-Atlantic Business Council announced today that the group has promoted Hendrike Kuehl to Head of TABC’s Brussels Office.  She will manage that office and spearhead policy outreach efforts with member companies, government officials, the European Parliament, other industry associations, and civil society groups.  

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May 20, 2014

Launch of the Transatlantic Economy Study 2014 

The second of two events to launch this year’s edition of the annual Transatlantic Economy Study, this event featured keynote speaker Senator Chris Murphy of CT (Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Joint Economic Committee).  Additional speakers were transatlantic policy experts who discussed the study in the context of the TTIP negotiations, and commented on how the data can be used to educate the public about the benefits of the trade agreement.

May 15, 2014

TABC Participates at European Business Summit

Tim Bennett, Director General of the Trans-Atlantic Business Council (TABC) was invited to speak at the 2014 European Business Summit in Brussels. As part of a panel of high level speakers, comprising EU Commissioner for Trade Karel de Gucht, Anthony L. Gardner, U.S. Ambassador to the EU as well as other industry representatives, he had the opportunity to express TABC’s views on the ongoing TTIP negotiations. Bennett sent a positive message stressing that TTIP negotiations were progressing well and according to the planned schedule. He expressed his optimism on the conclusion of an EU-US deal in 2015 and reiterated the support of the transatlantic business community to the negotiators. All panelists acknowledged the rising opposition of civil society to TTIP and the need to get more engaged in educating the public about the benefits TTIP will bring to consumers and companies on both sides on the Atlantic. With the upcoming European elections, TTIP is on top of the EU agenda. Bennett underlined that citizens’ concerns have to be addressed in a constructive way. The myths surrounding the trade deal need to be deconstructed and the benefit for citizens will have to be explained better. 

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